September 11, 2001

Batik by Sharone Kaplan, Sept. 11, 2001

Batik: Dye on Fabric

There are several meanings to this batik.; some meanings are literal and some are symbolic. The literal interpretation is a New York Fire Department firefighter heroically holding a baby and a flag at Ground Zero.

The World Trade Center is on fire and the drops coming down from the buildings are the people who had to jump out of the buildings to their death. In more symbolic interpretations, the towers in the background are metaphors for candles. The drops coming out of the buildings are candle wax dripping and the flames are burning on top of the 'candles'.

Why I have the buildings metaphoric for candles is that Sept. 11 brought spiritual questioning to the forefront of American life.... "How can God let such a catastrophic tragedy occur?!"

Dimensions: 30" by 46"

The firefighter holds on to an innocent baby and a flag in one hand; representing that innocence and freedom are still alive, even amidst such brutality. But the firefighter also has the other hand open , pleading, questioning, " How can humanity survive...where is God?".

God does respond and now the drops coming out of the towers represent God's tears....tears for each life lost and tears for the loss of humanity .

If we listen ....quietly God says to us " You wonder how I can let this happen?! This is the blessing and the curse of my love for you....for giving you free will." The writing on the batik says "God bless us all", "We will never forget", "9-11-01", "2901" (the number of people thought to have perished at Ground Zero when I made the batik).