Sharone Kaplan

Sharone Kaplan, Artist, Designer and Reiki Practitioner

Reiki Credentials:

Sharone has completed her Master Level training in Traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho method of Reiki. She has been practicing Reiki for two years and recently recently completed an intensive year apprenticeship with her Reiki Master and Teacher, Shauna Angel Blue. Shauna's Reiki training was with Dr. Karen Mitchell (Author of the book “Reiki, A Torch in Daylight”).

What is Reiki?

Reiki, translates from Japanese to mean "Universal Life Force Energy". Reiki energy works through the 'four bodies', The spiritual, mental, physical and emotional bodies. This is why it is hard to explain Reiki in words because the healing can be so profound and thorough. The Reiki practitioner uses light hand placements on the clothed client's body for the Reiki energy to flow. The client usually feels the Reiki energy as warm and relaxing. Some clients fall asleep during a Reiki session, due to the relaxing nature of Reiki energy.

Reiki energy can only be used for good. The Reiki energy is also a 'smart' energy and knows where to go to heal. Sometimes clients feel an emotional or physical release within a few days of the Reiki session. This is normal and is the energy moving through the 'four bodies' and healing the energy blockages. Drinking a lot of water is recommended for three days after a Reiki session to help flush the toxins through, that are healing . I also recommend refraining from alcohol for twenty four hours before and for three days after a Reiki Session. Alcohol intake within this time frame can hinder the benefits of both the Reiki session and the healing release of toxins post-session.

Some benefits of Reiki:

  • -Release of pent up anger
  • -Greater self love and awareness
  • -Regulation of menses
  • -Clarity in relationships
  • -Heightened sense of life purpose
  • -Less stress, depression and insomnia
  • -An overall increased feeling of peace and well being


Friday day (weeknights and weekend days negotiable).


I do Reiki from my home and only work with women and children.

Cost and logistics:

The sessions are an hour and a half and cost $100.

One hour 'hands on' healing session and one half hour discussing what 'came up' during the session. Many times I receive intuitive feelings and guidance that I discuss with the clients.

Disclaimer: Spiritual healing should not replace conventional healing, it should only be used as a complement. Please seek medical attention for any symptoms you are experiencing. Although Reiki can help where traditional medicine has failed, I am not a medical doctor.

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