Cray-pas on paper. Dimensions: 19 inches x 24 inches

Cray-pas on paper. Dimensions: 19" by 24"

This picture is a very spiritual piece and is a representation of the cycle of a woman's life, from birth to death.
The circles at the top of the drawing represent the nine planets in our solar system. A lion is jumping over the biggest circle which represents both the Sun and womanly Venus.

There are also nine drawings of a girl/woman representing the cycle of a womans life...starting out as a baby and moving into childhood, adulthood elderly adulthood and eventually ending up as a baby again (for there is the same vulnerability that one faces at death as at birth).

The nine images of the woman also are represented as a menorah with each phase of life fiery in its own right. The three drawings at the bottom represent (from left to right) a woman's playfulness, vulnerability and sensual nature.

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