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Sharone Peled Kaplan

Reiki Master, Artist and Designer

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Ozzie (Dec 25, 1989- Dec 17th, 2005)

"Ozzie Won't Take No For An Answer"
"Ozzie Won't Take No For An Answer"
©2004 Published in
The International Society of Photographers,
Spirits in the Night, 2004.

Ozzie was my dearest friend and soulmate. This picture does not capture his full spirit, for that cannot be defined. He smiled always and found joy in the smallest things.

He also loved his food. . Even in his sickest days, he found a way to eat a lot!!!

I miss him terribly and he will always be my dear angel. Ozzie's presence in the physical world made this world a better place to be. I am grateful for all of the years that we laughed together.

What is behind the artwork you will find on this Website?

All work is handpainted and made from a place of love. I consider each one of my art pieces a blessing that I can share with others. I care for each art piece with a motherly feeling and an attachment that makes selling my art a difficult task... but here goes....

What artistic mediums do I work in?

Painting on silk, batik, acrylic, oil paintings, cray pas, watercolor, ink and pastels on paper.

What are batiks?

Batik is an ancient style of making art on fabric. Batik was started and is still mainly practiced in the Middle East, India and Indonesia. The batik process is an intricate layering of hot wax and fabric dyes. The wax is eventually melted off and what is left is a very unique weaving of colors throughout the fabric.

Painting on silk?

Painting on silk is another rare art practice. The origins of silk painting trace back to the 4th century B.C. in China. Silk painting is also not widely practiced in the U.S. and more people paint on silk in Europe and other countries.

The process of silk painting starts by choosing the weight and type of silk to be used. I use only heavy Charmeuse silk for the Chuppahs and paintings and ties and a lighter satin silk for the scarves. Charmeuse and satin silk are both very high quality and 100% silk. I then use a combination of resists (to keep the paints from being where they don't need to be ) and high quality dyes to paint.

All silk is very delicate and needs to be handled with care. The colors are permanent, and all "art to wear" cannot be washed, due to the fabric's sensitivity.

What to expect when purchasing an art piece?

There is no such thing as perfection in handpainted art. There will always be a spot of paint or a brushstroke that is unexpected and thus no two pieces will ever be the same.

Thus, if ordering a tie or scarf it will be impossible for the pieces to look exactly like the photos. There will always be a slight alteration when replicating art. But, that is truly the beauty of my art one ANYWHERE will have the exact tie, scarf, painting etc as you have! What you buy will be "one of a kind"!

How to use this site:

  • -If you would like a custom designed Jewish wedding Chuppah, please contact me at to schedule either an in-person or phone appointment.
  • -If you are interested in a custom designed glamourous portrait, please email me a photo of the person, pet, etc. you wish to be painted and also the dimensions wanted, etc.
  • - E-mail me if you are interested in any of the paintings or batiks.
  • -As for the ties and scarves, you can purchase them online through PayPal by visiting the Art to Wear page on this Website.
  • **Additional custom work: If you would also like to design your own tie, scarf or painting please contact me through the Request for Information form found on the Contact page.

Sharone's Fashions!

Ontourage Chicago

Sharone's fashions have been featured during several fashion shows at Ontourage Chicago!

You will find some of Sharone's designs on the Art-You-Can-Wear page! She has many new and exciting creations ranging from hand-painted bathing suits to hand-painted lingerie and you can order them online!

Watch this Website as we add more of her incredible clothing to this page!

- Contact Sharone at for more information about her designs!

Ontourage Chicago Night Club, and Monaliza Productions have been hosting an exclusive Series of Fashion Shows that combines our Love for Fashion, Talent, Passion & Beauty. "Fashion Shows Series 05" are Chicago's premier Fashion Shows and the Historical Challenge and Mission to put Chicago in the map of High Fashion and Super Models in the World!

Ontourage Chicago is an impressive and modern two story venue known for luxury and exclusivity in the heart of downtown Chicago, (Ontario/LaSalle) at 157 W. Ontario, Chicago, IL 60610.

Boutique Sales!

Sharone's sexy neckties for women.Sharone is wearing her 'sassy tie' shown here as a hip belt.

Sharone's handpainted-on-silk neckties (for men and women) and greeting cards are now available at Pura Belleza Boutique in Chicago. Sharone has a new line of sequin neckties that are also available at this Boutique. (See the Links page for more information.)

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