Sharone Kaplan

Glamourous Portraits

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French dyes on Charmeuse Silk, Dimensions vary

Portrait 1
29" by 46"

Portrait 2
20" by 22"

The benefits of displaying the portrait in a window (as opposed to framing) are that the colors on silk become equivalent to a stained glass piece and are able to express their true vibrant hues.

If you click on one of the thumbnail photos, you may view larger versions of the image, and view the contrast between displaying the portrait in a window and displaying the portrait in a frame. Sometimes, the difference is quite striking!

When making glamorized portraits for others I seek to capture the essence of the person I am painting. Every person has unique and beautiful features and I highlight these features with vibrant colors and backgrounds.

I am able to produce these portraits from photos that can be e-mailed to me. These portraits are 100% hand and custom made and specific colors, designs, sizes and features can highlighted.

The portraits are made to either be framed or to be hung in front of a window (the window needs to have indirect sunlight or the dyes will fade over time due to direct sunlight).

Portrait 3
30" by 30"

Portrait 4
30" by 30"

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