Kiss Dress
Kiss Dress
Photo ©Anthony Diaz, 2005

"Kiss" Dress!

Model Kathy is wearing the "Kiss" cotton rib knit dress in a light gray. This dress is flirty and playful-it is perfect for summer!

The dress features an asymmetrically placed "kiss" on the chest of the dress. The lips are outlined in white and gold and filled in with a Bordeaux red. The dress has large polka dots in metallic lavender covering both the front and back. The back of the dress has a white outlined flower (on the butt) filled in with Bordeaux red.

This dress also has "Sharone" written in white cursive on the bottom from of the dress. This dress is also available in white and black. If this dress is ordered in white, the lips will be outlined in gold and black and the flower and 'Sharone' will be outlined in black.

This dress is stretchy and shown here in a medium. The dress lays a few inches above the knee. Please hand wash and line dry, as cotton tends to fade and shrink.

To hire Kathy as a model, contact:

Price: $125.00


See close-up image of back of dress.