Sharone Kaplan

Creative Arts Healing

Creative Arts Healing is used to reach deeper into the client's essence than verbal therapy alone. The practitioner utilizes different art mediums (drawing, painting and clay being the fundamental tools) with individualized goals for each client.

Sharone and Ozzie

Creative Arts Healing IS NOT the Practitioner interpreting the art and telling the person what is wrong with them. Creative Arts Healing IS using the art as a baseline and starting point for discussion and evolving client awareness empowerment.

Many times clients who are shy or have problems that they feel uncomfortable discussing can feel safer when there is a 'third party' (the art) to open themselves up with.

Dance, Music and Movement all intertwine in Creative Arts Healing. I combine dance moves I have learned from a wide array of dance classes (including samba, belly dance, salsa, hip hop, flamenco and ballroom) with movement (stretching and yoga poses) with wonderful, vibrant and varied music to fit the occasion. These moves are basic so nobody needs to feel intimidated. We can just 'go with the flow'! The idea here is to free ourselves, be present in our bodies and have fun!

Creativity and Reiki can help with getting in touch with: what one is feeling, self love, release of anger(less depression), redefining who one is, finding new ways to approach problems and a feeling of acceptance and validation.

*All Healing work I do (including Creative Arts Healing and Healing through Music, Dance and Movement) is infused with Reiki Energy.


How the Healing Works

To best explain how this works I will use myself as an example. At seventeen I had a very traumatic event occur, I had to have emergency surgery for ovarian cysts. I was told that I probably had cancer and would never be able to have children. Although, both of these statements ended up being false. I felt very violated, angry, scared and ashamed by this experience. Mostly, I felt alone.


Office Hours: Friday, primarily during the day. Sessions may be scheduled on nights and/or weekends

Fee: $100 for an hour and a half session

Cancellation Policy: No charge if session is cancelled up to 24 hours in advance. A charge of $50 will apply for appointments cancelled the day of a session.

I do not take insurance

After, everything was deemed okay by the doctors, my family and friends didn't want to discuss what had happened (it was too fresh and scary). So, despite only a physical scar left as evidence of my trauma, internally I was in bad shape. My life was at a crossroads (as many people who have gone through a trauma experience) I could have chosen all of the roads that would lead me not to feel (drugs, sexual promiscuity, alcohol and who knows what else), thankfully, I turned inward and began to draw.

What came out on paper was not being verbally expressed to anyone. I had a terrible body image, shame, sexual insecurities, depression and anger from what I had experienced. It was all coming out on paper. Some of the pictures I drew scared me. But, years later what I have come to realize is that many years since that event I have blossomed.

I have come to a place of celebration. My art now is very vibrant, sensual and self loving. But, my art certainly did not used to be this way. It is from the work I did of feeling and expressing what needed to be expressed (not always pretty), that I have come to love myself.

The artwork bore witness to my pain when nobody else would. The art became my best friend and validated all of my needs. I KNOW how powerful Creative Arts Healing can be, because I have lived it.


Why Sharone Can Help You

People feel comfortable with me. I have been told that I am good at breaking problems down into grounded step by step solutions. I have an affinity for women and children and enjoy working with them. I understand what it feels like to be in a 'dark' place for I have been there. I have tools that can help others as they have helped me. I am told by many people that I am a VERY warm, gentle and compassionate person.

I have experience working with sexually abused teenage girls, children with behavioral disorders, women and children with depression and negative body image/eating disorders. I am in the process of learning more about Crystal Children and the most effective Creative Arts Healing practices with them.

In the future, I see myself doing Creative Arts Healing workshops for women, adolescent girls and Crystal Children.

Creative Arts Healing is incredibly effective with all arenas of child therapy; this is due to how open and creative they are. Women who have low self esteem and low body image, depression, lack of purpose, and history of abuse can also gain enormously from Creative Arts Healing. Dance, movement, music and Reiki are also incorporated into sessions as needed. I only work with women and children.


What to Expect

The session starts with the client's inhalation of essential oils for clarity and relaxation. I like to incorporate a few modalities into a session. I would begin with either art or Reiki and move into another arena such as music, movement or dance. The sessions are not 'typical' because as each person is unique, I do not believe in a 'cookbook recipe' approach to healing. Each session must have spontaneity and the ability to grow and take on a life of its own.

I say a prayer before each session (either out loud or to myself), use essential and burn Palo Santo (holy wood); Creating a sacred space for the universe to support and guide me to best help my clients. Many times in sessions I receive intuitive guidance.

A session will last an hour and a half. An hour of actual healing in whichever modalities I feel most effective for the particular session. Half an hour to either speak with the client or if it is a child/young child to go over what I intuitively and therapeutically feel from the hour session with the parent (or child and parent).

I work from my home. I have a spacious, rich and vibrantly colored apartment. There is a lot of sun in the apartment and the walls are covered with artwork that I have created. I have been told that my apartment is cozy and inviting and that is the atmosphere I want to create for clients. I use crystals, sea salt and Palo Santo in my apartment to keep the energy in the space sacred. I also have a 'Messy and Free' room where clients can come in and we can do some ART!


How to Prepare

Relax, meditate and think of what your goal/intention is for the session. I recommend avoiding alcohol intake for 24 hours before a session, for ultimate clarity and purity of spirit. For children, just show up.

More about Sharone

I have been doing Creative Arts Healing and Healing through Dance and Movement on myself for 16 years. I KNOW how effective creativity outlets can be. I am always humbled at how even today, it can be hard for me to do art in areas that I am grieving. I am good at what I do because I am sensitive and keep a sense of humility as to how hard it can be to go to the painful places that we need to therapeutically. I am good at what I do because I really enjoy people and have had many years of therapeutic training.

I am PASSIONATE about my own healing and I am PASSIONATE to share this with others.

I believe we all have the ability to heal ourselves. The important steps for healing to occur are:

  1. The client has to want to heal,
  2. The client has to be open to heal and
  3. The client has to be willing to take personal responsibility for her/his part of the healing process.

My approach is gentle and compassionate. I do not push people where they are not ready to go. The client and I together will work together as a team in a safe and confidential environment.

However, I am only one part of the client's healing process. A client must also be open, desirous of healing to occur and be willing to take personal responsibility for her/his healing.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to heal myself over the past 16 years with art, dance, music and Reiki. I want to share with others what has and continues to be helpful to me.

I am also PASSIONATE about what I do, it continues evolving me. For instance, I am currently working through grief over the passing of my beloved Ozzie. Ozzie was my beautiful, happy, smiley, gentle, compassionate and soulful Shetland Sheepdog for 16 years

Having to make the decision of euthanasia was very difficult. But, Ozzie had a mouth cancer that left him in much pain and bleeding. Although Ozzie passed away 8 months ago, I still find myself having difficulty making a painting of him. I have found that doing a little bit at a time works for me. Every time I work on the painting, more emotions are brought to the surface and I can feel myself getting one step closer to a peaceful feeling with Ozzie's passing.

Thus, I too am a work in progress. I don't believe we are ever completely 'healed'. Despite the fact that I have come a long way, I am always humbled by my areas of sensitivity that I still experience in my own evolution. This is what keeps me grounded and effective in helping others; I hold close to my heart what the healing process feels like.


I am a Licensed Social Worker. I received my MSW from The University of Chicago. I received my Certificate in Art Therapy Counseling from The Adler School of Professional Psychology. I am a Reiki Master and received this training from Shauna Angel Blue.

I worked as a Therapist/Art Therapist for 5 years. I have been practicing Reiki for almost two years.

I have had an art piece published in an international book of photography. I have had two fashion shows at a downtown Chicago venue showcasing my line of 'Art to Wear'. I have had many art shows. I used to perform with a dance troupe doing Brazilian dance. I am currently working on two medical research papers that will soon be published.

I love animals. I take yoga and samba dance classes weekly. I have a job four days a week doing medical research.

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