Silk Blouse
Silk Blouse

Open-Back Blouse

Model Melissa is wearing the brilliant orange open back blouse. This 100% Charmeuse silk blouse is 19 mm, has a heavy, luxurious drape and a satin finish. The fabric is sensual and drapes over the chest while tying at the neck and lower back to give an open and revealing back.

The silk is painted orange with pearlescent white outlined flowers and bright raspberry colored flowers.

This silk piece can also be used as a skirt or tube dress as the dimensions are approximately 3 by 4 and a half feet.

This blouse is also available custom made with other colors and designs. Blouse may be dry cleaned.

To hire Melissa as a model, contact:

Price: $275.00

See close-up image of front of blouse.
See close-up image of back of blouse.