Sharone Kaplan

Sharone Peled Kaplan

Portrait of the artist!
Photo of Sharone, ©2004 Anthony Diaz

Inspired by the raw expressions of pain, sensuality and feminism of Frida Kahlo and the bright joyful displays of color and movement of the impressionists, Sharone adds both stylistic approaches along with her love of dance , glamour, philosophy, spirituality, and sense of humor to create her designs and art work.

While Sharone loves to paint optimistically and with bright colors , she is also not afraid to travel to the darker side of life; An example of this is displayed in her batik, "September 11th".

Sharone learned the arts of Batik and silk painting from her artistic mentor (also great inspiring influence) and highly talented artist, her mother, Sara Peled. Included in Sharone's artistic education is training at New York University and The Art Institute of Chicago.

Sharone has a deep compassion for others and an understanding for others sensitivities and needs. This is in part due to a Master's degree in Social Work from The University of Chicago and a Certificate in Art Therapy Counseling from The Adler School of Professional Psychology.

Sharone has also spent several years working as a therapist and art therapist with a wide range of populations and age groups. She now works as a Research Project Supervisor full-time and practices Creative Arts Healing, Reiki, Art and Design part-time. She hopes to bring joy and light to others through her Creative Arts Healing and Reiki sessions, as well as her art and designs.

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